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Tailored Manual Driving Lessons

Everyone is different, some people thrive on being pushed and challenged whilst others will need more practice and confidence building before getting to that stage (it will come!).

Expect lessons that are tailored to your specific individual needs so that you'll get the best value for your money. You'll have a reliable service from within a clean & tidy, well serviced, dual controlled car.

Progress will be relayed to you every step of the way, and as I know life can be busy we can start and finish lessons wherever suits you (*within reason).

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Theory Support

Before you can book a practical driving test you will need to take a theory test.

Learning driving theory is best achieved by reading through the official DSA publications which can be done before you take any practical lessons or, you can do it alongside your driving lessons if you prefer. More details on the book can be found here .

During driving lessons I will usually ask you some theory questions as we go along and if there is anything that you don’t understand we can discuss it. If you would like more help with your theory feel free to ask and we can have more in-depth theory tailored sessions.

All my customers have access to Theory Test Pro where you can take practice tests including hazard perception.

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Driving Test / Intense Training

Part trained? Already have a test booked, or looking to take the driving test as soon as possible?

Carters Driving Tuition can provide you with any training you need to reach your goal. To pass a driving test you need to be able to drive independently and confidently so that once you pass your test you will be able to keep yourself, your passengers and other road users safe.

If you want to take your test quickly then you should book an assessment lesson. This means that we can see how many further lessons you are due to need before taking your test.

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Motorway Lessons

Motorway lessons are available now for provisional licence holders as well as for full licence holders.

Once you are at a good standard and feeling confident we can use the motorway. Alternatively once you pass your test it may be a good idea to take a lesson so that you can experience the motorway for the first time with an instructor there for guidance. These lessons are also available to experienced drivers who would like to build up some confidence.

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Pass Plus Courses

Pass Plus is an optional course designed to improve on your basic driving skills which you can take once you have passed your driving test.

There are 6 modules that you will cover designed to improve on attitude attention and skills. These modules are:

  • Town driving
  • All weather driving
  • Out-of-Town Driving and Rural Roads
  • Night Driving
  • Dual Carriageways
  • Motorway

Once you have finished the course you will receive a certificate of completion. The course is aimed at making you a better driver and therefore you may receive a discount on your car insurance!

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Refresher Sessions

I’m often asked to give refresher sessions to people who have passed their test but may not have driven for a while or for those who have lost confidence for various reasons.

You can have as few or as many of these sessions as you like. We can take these in my car, or if it’s more beneficial I can accompany you in your car. Clients often chose an area they would like to gain more confidence in, for example using roundabouts, dual carriageways, parking or using multi-story car-parks.